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Tips for Reducing Food Waste

Aktualisiert: 28. Feb. 2023

  • Buy Less — If food is spoiling at the end of the week, it means that it was not needed.

  • Intuitive Cooking — rather than following a recipe, freestyle! Base meal ideas off of what you have.

  • Reverse Meal Planning — rather than asking yourself what you’d like to purchase, ask what you need to use up and plan meals around these things.

  • Keep Things Simple — We tend to overcomplicate our meals. Pair down idealistic goals into realistic goals that gamble less with waste.

  • Using Leftovers First — Utilize leftovers before making a new recipe. Think through ahead of time how you can carry a batch of something over to multiple meals and use it up first before moving onto the next.

  • Use Your Tools — Freezing, fermenting, blending, roasting, baking, these are all ways to use up and stretch out ingredients’ lives. Try to see the potential of the produce you bring home (or meals you cook up) before the end of their lives. Have a plan B for making them last.

  • Compost — See if your city has a compost collecting system, or look into a composting method that fits your lifestyle.

  • Produce Prep — Storing produce in the best way to keep from spoiling can be really helpful in reducing food waste. This is why I put together my eBook covering how to select and store over forty fruits and veggies! To hopefully help you feel more confident about making your produce keep.

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