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How To Add Personality To Your Bedroom

  • Color scheme: Choose paint colors that you like and that add more personality to your room. Instead of choosing based on current trends, we usually advise choosing colors that you would enjoy seeing every day when they enter into space.

  • Small details: Throw pillows, Area rugs, Metal décor, Natural things

  • Light: Changing the normal white overhead lighting with warm, inviting ones could completely and positively add personality to your bedroom.

  • Artworks: Stick to a few key pieces that will have a large impression rather than a slew of minor ones that will make your space appear cluttered or smaller than it is.

  • Meaningful items: Decorate with items that are meaningful to you to show your guests what is important to you.

  • Plants: Add some green to even the small corners in your home for a new fresh feeling. A few potted plants may change an otherwise boring space into something vibrant and inviting.

  • Be creative: Do not be scared to take your time and think outside the box when it comes to designing your space. Beautifully designed homes are not created overnight or from just a single source. You can mix some vintage components, in addition to modern items, which will make it feel more interesting.

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